Coast to Coast Equestrian is committed to providing top quality care for our horses. We customize our services to meet the specific needs of our clients.

Training Services

Sale/Board Training$1,400/month (+tax)
Partial Training
(1 training ride, 1 pessoa, 2 lessons/week)
Full Training
(Full service board plus 2 lessons, 2 pessoa lunges, 2 training rides/week)
Training Ride$70
Pessoa Lunge$45
Ship-in lesson or training ride$85
Off-site lesson or training ride (within a 30 minute drive)$100
Off-site lesson or training ride (further than a 30 minute drive)*
*Group of 5+ distance isn’t charged

Consignment Services

Full Board and Training$2,250/month
Commission on Horses Bought, Leased, or Sold10%

Show Services

Full Training$1,200/week
Catch Rides$75

Local Show Services

Full Care and Training$150/day
Catch Rides$75/class
Shipping from C2C$150

Shipping Services


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